The thing about exploring abandoned property is that you have to be courageous and stupid enough to actually do it. So this is the story about the day when I convinced my most courageous friends to go along with me to an abandoned factory in Eunice, Louisiana.
The opening song on the album COLONIZE by WARM: "Beginning to Feel" I highly recommend giving the album a listen, especially if you're into Boards of Canada or Trent Reznor's soundtracks.

Euphoric World

I woke up this Saturday to find the weather is phenomenal. It's overcast with a pleasantly cool breeze. The sunshine in the window is literally calling me outside. It's a great day for a bike ride! I'll be meeting some great company for lunch, and I'm really feeling this new album I bought. And I mean really feeling it. There's a whole new world on the inside of my head going on.